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Our success story has always been etched through one factor - Integration. Our knowledge about the industry is immense which we have gained from manufacturing process equipments. This led us to set up an integrated manufacturing setup that would compliment in offering

the finest in quality through a comprehensive process. The state of the art facility has the best of machineries from the best brands of the world like Gaspari , & Pelligrini from Italy & Vandeer from Holland along with our own manufactured machines .   The facility is capable of delivering about 25 containers of monuments and slabs per month.


We have a long lasting resource of quality granites; we have about 5 contracted quarries with resource that is expected to last for decades. These quarries offer us the choicest of colours. They are well proximate and are located well within the easy reach of our facility.

Quality Assurance

We assure of you of quality through our multi stage inspection right from raw material procurement, storing, sawing, polishing and final full- product inspection.

We have an envious track record for our time schedules. The packaging is done adhering to International packaging norms. Quality wood is used for packaging and fumigation is done both to the wood and the containers. The wooden crates are done in such a way that they can be lifted easily.

All procedures and norms of the business processes are compliant to ISO 9001:2000 standards.
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