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About SNA Granites


“ Marked in circle second from right is Mr. Natarajan infront of the  invented air compressor in 1966 “ along with his father third from right and brother second from left and the ATLAS COPCO team. 

SNA Granites is a part of the SNI GROUP founded by Mr.Natarajan 30 years ago. Started as granite processing equipment manufacturer, we had then invented our own simplistic granite quarry machine which was mounted on to an air compressor. Domain knowledge and proximity to the quarries urged us into the newer areas of granite exports.

Our access to its contract quarries and its integrated processing facility has helped it to grow from strength to strength. Our product range is enhanced periodically based on the changes of the trends of its target markets. The products include standard and custom made monuments, Cemeteries, Fire places, Garden furniture, Vases, etc and slabs from rough gang saw cut slabs to table tops, vanity tops, counter tops etc.

We adhere to the best of international management practices and quality norms. Today SNA Granites is one of the leading exporters of monuments and slabs to the major countries in the Europe.

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